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I view life as a learning process. To me life is not meant to be easy and fun. IT IS NOT A GAME!!!!!!! Life is a series of tests. With each test you are expected to learn and to not repeat the same mistake. Life is Love. Life is War. Life is Peace, and life can be Heaven Or Hell. When it's all said and done life is what you make of it. You can take it with a grain of salt or a glass of wine.

Back to School

Well its back to reality to me. No more lyiny in bed all day. No more phone all night. Must be up early and bright what a headache.


You Can Slice Your Way To Happines

   You can slice your way to happines but for how long,you've shredded through the gravity so much that its gone,its fabric is crubling to the ground just like you, so how much harm to yourself can you truly do, your flesh is throbing faster than your heart is beating, your tears are pouring faster than your body is bleeding,you like pain you think ,but do you really, are you happy now or are you in shambles

Food for Thought

It's the negative people that curse the world,but it is the ones that come with solutions instead of problems who rule it.So which category do you fall in?

Peace for awhile

  Every time I hear the sweet Moonlight Sonata. I close my eyes and I am in a field of daisies. I'm trotting around barefoot,disturbing the beautiful flowers. The sun warms my face,the wind blows through my hair. Peace and quiet is all I hear,until the bluebird sings.Then all of a sudden the sun sets,and out comes a full moon. The silvery moon gleams on the daisies, an owl hoots, aah,relaxation. All the blue birds are asleep.I lay on the daisies.They make wonderful pillows. Moon beams shine in my direction, lighting the area that I am occupying .Still peace is hard to find but I have it right down to the last key.Then its over and I'm back to realization.

Why me

            Just when I was had at work learning the French language,my  little cousins come over to spent the weekend with guess who? Me. Agh!!! I can't concentrate, I can't focus. Why me? I had my entire day planned out nap,read Hamlet, learn French. I won't to master the basics before school starts again. And this year I won't be homeschooled because  of my migrains because my mom found me a nice little medical high school. So I will be shipped off  just like my brothers. I had to go outside, and I never go outside I don't like  to exersice in the hot sun. I' feel so defeated. I probally didn't even spell that right. What a day. I have a terrible migraine. My back hurts because they kept letting my dog run loose outside,so I had to go and catch her. I am in pain. I just wanted to increase my French language knowledge.But  I do love my little cousins, so oh well.

My Love

     I wrote a symphony, but it  didn't state how much you mean  to me. It was about my life and what its meant  to be.  You  see,  I have a top priority  to be a  Neuro Surgeon.  Yeah thats me,or it will be.  Harvard is where I belong  so thats  my furture. When I acheive my dream all the haters will be green, all the ones who put me down, talked about me, who called this little nerd mean things, will  watch me rise and rule. There jaws will drop when they see the once overweight but now healthy ,one and only Doctor D.E.

Birthday Blues

  Today is my fifthteenth birthday,but from when i awoke this mourning to about eleven'o clock i had the blues. When i first came to my senses this mourning I heard the sound of rain drops hiting my window,but that didn't cause me pain. You see my promblem was that to day my little brother's fifth grade promotional  ceremony was also scheduled to take place, and the thought of someone stealing my thunder was terrifying,dreadful,and just plain unheard of. I did not want to go, but my mom made me attend. I actually injoyed it. After i got home and was alone in my room I realized that my behavior, was totally uncaused for. It was intirely selfish of me,and most of all i realized that the world consists of more than me.